This woman wants to know if Ohio Medicaid will pay for abortion?

Are you pregnant and contemplating an abortion? Do you have questions about which type of abortion to pursue? Surgical abortion, medical abortion, the abortion pill, age of viability… the jargon and the current abortion laws can be hard to keep straight. We’ve done some digging to give you a head start!

What Is The Cut-off Gestational Age For an Abortion?

The answer to this question is twofold. In Ohio, a medical abortion, which is performed using the abortion pill, can be obtained up to ten weeks gestation. This simply means that a woman may opt for this method no more than 10 weeks, or 70 days, from the first day of her last menstrual period. Beyond this cut-off, a medical abortion may no longer be safe for a woman.

After 10 weeks, a surgical abortion must be performed. Having a surgical abortion is legal until the fetus reaches the point of viability. The Supreme Court has defined viability as the capacity to sustain prolonged life outside of the womb, whether dependent upon mechanical ventilation or not.

Past 20 weeks gestation, viability testing is performed to determine if fetal development is advanced enough that the possibility of sustained life outside of the uterus exists. This testing consists of ultrasounds that estimate fetal weight and the development of certain characteristics, like eyelids, that coincide with specific stages of respiratory functioning. It is the presence of a functioning respiratory system that supports the argument for viability.

Physicians are responsible for proving or refuting whether a fetus is viable. This decision is made on a case by case basis and means that there is no concrete end cap for abortions in Ohio. That being said, many clinics will set a gestational age past which they will no longer provide abortion services. That gestational age may vary from clinic to clinic.

Other Abortion Laws In Ohio

There are a few more laws to be mindful of when considering abortion in Ohio. One of the more commonly discussed laws is the clause mandating that a face to face counseling and education session take place between a licensed practitioner and the woman contemplating abortion no less than 24 hours before an abortive procedure is performed.

Another law impacting women in Ohio is that which mandates all minors to have parental consent before an abortion can be performed.

Abortions in Ohio cannot be covered by state-provided insurance unless a woman has been raped, is the victim of incest, or if a woman’s life is in danger as a result of carrying the pregnancy.

And all abortions, even medical abortions via ‘the pill’, must be performed in the presence of licensed medical professionals. An abortion pill obtained online or over the phone is not FDA approved and is more likely to be placebo and unsafe.

What Bella Has To Offer

Bella Women’s Center specializes in creating a personalized plan just for you! Our licensed sonographer performs ultrasound testing that will determine gestational age; then our team of patient advocates will use that information to guide you through the options available to you. Our staff remains up to date on current laws in Ohio and the surrounding areas and can help you navigate the legal jargon. The staff at Bella is dedicated to empowering women to make the best decisions for themselves. If you are pregnant and thinking about having an abortion, Contact us for an appointment today or call 330-993-0604.


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