Abortion in Ohio – Your Right To Choose

Today the internet makes it incredibly easy to search for abortion clinics in Ohio and have a list at your fingertips in mere seconds. The hard part really comes next. Where in the world is a person supposed to start on that list? There are a number of things to consider here. How far away…

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Why STI Testing Before an Abortion is Important

When considering an abortion, it is imperative to have STI/STD testing beforehand. In the absence of symptoms, it is easy to render this an unnecessary step; however, sexually transmitted infections may be present in what is known as a latent phase (there are no current symptoms). The consequences of proceeding with an abortion in the…

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6 Myths About Adoption

  By Rachel Bell Adoption can be a difficult and complicated subject, made more difficult by common myths about the process. Because adoption is one of the options available when facing an unplanned pregnancy, our Bella advocates are there to provide information and answer questions about the process during an Options Consultation. Here are six…

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Difficult Roads often
lead to Beautiful Destinations.