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If there is a chance you are pregnant, you probably have many questions about pregnancy tests. Let us answer your questions for you.

Pregnancy tests work by detecting the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine. 

What is hCG?

When a fertilized embryo implants itself and begins to grow in a woman’s body, it releases a hormone called hCG. This hormone communicates with other hormones already in the body to support the pregnancy. Other than in rare cases, the only time hCG is in a woman’s body is when she is pregnant.

Home Pregnancy Tests

If you take a home pregnancy test, wait until the day after you miss your period. Some pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others, but hCG needs to build to a detectable level before you test. 

If you aren’t sure when to expect your period because you don’t track it or your periods are not regular, take a pregnancy test about 3 weeks after you had sex.

When you use a home pregnancy test, read and follow all the directions included. Failure to do so might cause a false response. Most importantly, make sure that the right amount of urine is on the test and read the test when the instructions say. Getting the pregnancy test too wet or reading it too long after using it can cause evaporation lines that could be misread as a positive test. 

If you test negative but don’t get your period, test again in a week.

What To Do if You Test Positive

If you test positive and are unsure of your next step, contact Bella Women’s Center. We provide free pregnancy testing and confirmation ultrasounds. During your appointment, we will verify your pregnancy and provide you with information regarding your choices for your pregnancy.   

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