One of Bella’s trained Patient Advocates will meet with you at the beginning of your appointment. She will take time to listen and understand your unique situation. This part of your appointment is highly personalized and customized to your needs, so it can take as much or as little time as you need it to. Your Patient Advocate will then provide you with information about your unplanned pregnancy options — abortion, parenting, adoption — and will let you explore them in a safe, nonjudgmental setting. This decision is entirely your own and we do not profit from it; we simply want to empower you with information so you can confidently make the best possible choice for you.

Your Patient Advocate will then compile a list of referrals that are relevant to you, your situation, and your expressed concerns. At the end of your appointment, she may also request a follow-up to ensure all of your needs are met.

We Inform.
You Decide.