"Everyone here showed me kindness and respect. I felt heard and safe. I appreciate everything they did for me. Above and beyond."

-Bella Patient, 2022

"I would recommend Bella Women's Center to a friend because they are very supportive and they take their time."

-Bella Patient, 2022

"Everyone was very supportive and made me feel welcome. They provided great information and were so helpful!"

-Bella Patient, 2022

"Everyone was super kind and instantly welcomed me without bias or negativity. I highly recommend this beautiful center to anyone seeking advice/guidance. Thank you for everything!"

-Bella Patient, 2021

"Very calm, provides information in an easy way to understand. Staff is very kind, checks on your mental health and assured that you have everything you need."

-Bella Patient, 2021

"The staff really cares about your well-being and makes me feel so comfortable every visit."

-Bella Patient, 2021

"The staff and atmosphere are amazing. They are supportive and a wealth of knowledge to help you make the best choice for you with no hidden agenda."

-Bella Patient, 2021

"Warm and welcoming staff! All interaction was friendly and inviting, yet very professional! An abundance of answers and resources."

-2018 Bella Patient

"Thank you so much for everything! The entire staff was friendly & pleasant. I felt very welcome & in a safe place without any judgment. You all were very informative & gave me details about all my options. It was nice to have emotional support & have someone else to talk to. I would definitely recommend your services to any women in need in the future!!!"

-2018 Bella Patient 5

"I was scared and they kept me calm. They showed me multiple things and helped me with what I was going through. They are wonderful! They make sure you are super happy and comfortable!"

-2018 Bella Patient 6

"Bella’s services were perfectly performed. Everything was nice and the staff was very nice as well, very useful resources."

-2018 Bella Patient 7

"This is a great place to come to when you need support. The staff is very welcoming and supportive. The medical services are great. I would recommend this place to someone if needed."

-2018 Bella Patient 8

"Extremely helpful and friendly, by far the best service I’ve had. Everything was amazing I would not change a thing. Staff was amazing, very educational and honest."

-2018 Bella Patient 9

"The staff were amazing, so informative, very kind, and helpful!"

-2018 Bella Patient 10

"They give you everything you need to know. Very friendly, tell you anything you need/want to know. Highly recommend this place!"

-2018 Bella Patient 11

"They actually care about your needs and decisions."

-2017 Bella Patient

"Very helpful! They give you a lot of information on all your options to help you decide what’s best for you."

-2017 Bella Patient 13

"I felt very comfortable. Professionals were happy doing their job with a smile and provided excellent customer service. Every single thing, every step, and process from the time I entered to leaving was amazing."

-2017 Bella Patient 2

"My experience was really good from the beginning. They were very sweet and kind. I couldn’t have asked for nicer people."

-2017 Bella Patient 12

"I felt very welcome since my first appointment. Staff is the best. Everyone is so friendly. Gave me lots of helpful information and resources."

-2017 Bella Patient 11

"Great place for women and others to come. The staff is terrific and very nice. You don’t wait long like regular places, which is great."

-2017 Bella Patient 10

"This was a very wonderful and relaxing experience. It put my mind at ease and I felt very comfortable and that the women care about you."

-2017 Bella Patient 9

"My on-site visit with Bella truly blew me away. Everyone was so kind, loving, caring."

-2017 Bella Patient 8

"Kind, caring individuals. I found great help with my experience here."

-2017 Bella Patient 7

"Bella Women’s Center is a place where I was able to let my guard down, show my vulnerability, and find peace without judgment. The office setting is very warm and welcoming. They offered information for every realm of decision making during a pregnancy. Impeccable staff."

-2017 Bella Patient 6

"Best service I ever had. The women here made me feel at home. They told me everything I wanted and needed to know. They answered all my questions."

-2017 Bella Patient 5

"It’s a nice place and the staff here is very supportive. They actually didn’t judge me. They made me feel welcome."

-2017 Bella Patient 4

"I was greeted with respect and care. I felt comfortable through my whole visit."

-2017 Bella Patient 3

"I went into my visit today nervous and unsure of what I may hear. Unexpectedly, I felt very comfortable and it was a great experience. I would refer anyone to Bella."

-2016 Bella Patient 4

"Coming here gave me the chance to really think about my options. Thank you for giving me every little detail of every option I have."

-2016 Bella Patient 5

"Everything, from the time I called to make an appointment and walked in the front door, was 100% professional and made me feel 100% comfortable and loved meeting all of the staff."

-2016 Bella Patient 7

"My experience with the staff was phenomenal. Everyone was very kind, helpful, informative and compassionate."

-2016 Bella Patient 2

"This was an amazing visit. I was very nervous but was given lots of care, and have felt more comfort and acceptance here, than I have in a long time."

-2016 Bella Patient 6

"Experience with Bella Women’s Center is a beautiful one indeed- from the passionate staff to the cleanliness of the environment- everything was handled with care. Very professional."

-2016 Bella Patient

"I can’t say enough wonderful things about this place. First, it was welcoming and very soothing walking in and then the ladies here were professional and even more importantly caring, non-judgmental and so soothing."

-2016 Bella Patient 3

"I had great help and was given all possible options for my pregnancy. I feel much better after visiting here."

-2015 Bella Patient 5

"The staff here is amazing and very helpful. Not judgmental at all. It’s a comfortable atmosphere. They opened up my eyes to all available options."

-2015 Bella Patient 4

"Everybody at Bella is amazing, so sweet, and very caring. They don’t just do what they feel they have to (as in the bare minimum), they do everything they possibly can to help you."

-2015 Bella Patient 3

"The team was extraordinary. Seriously one of the most caring, heartfelt, personal, and in-depth appointments I have ever attended! I would strongly, strongly encourage any woman to make an immediate appointment with the Bella Center! Not only am I satisfied completely, I feel wanted, loved, and appreciated."

-2015 Bella Patient 2

"The staff interaction was beyond joyful. The entire staff is so loving, caring, and courteous. On-site was very clean and relaxing, and the medical services were very reassuring. I love Bella entirely."

-2015 Bella Patient
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