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When it comes to your health, ignorance is not bliss. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can wreak havoc on your body without you even knowing it. That’s why STD testing is essential to safeguarding your health. 

1: STDs Can Be Present Without Symptoms

After contracting an STD, some individuals can be asymptomatic for years. However, though symptoms may not be present, the disease can still cause damage, leading to severe complications down the line.

2: STDs Can Damage the Body

STDs pose a significant risk to your reproductive system. These infections can lead to long-term damage if left untreated, affecting your fertility and overall health. STDs can attack your reproductive organs, causing irreparable harm that could impact your ability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term. 

3: STDs Are Easily Transmitted Between Partners

If you’re sexually active, you are also responsible to your partner. STDs can be transmitted even when no symptoms are present. By testing regularly, you’re protecting yourself and taking a crucial step in preventing the spread of these infections to others.

4: STD Testing Is Essential Care in Pregnancy

For women who are pregnant, testing for STDs becomes even more imperative. An untreated STD during pregnancy can have devastating consequences for you and the baby. If you choose to carry the pregnancy to term, an untreated STD can be transmitted to the baby and can result in severe health complications for them. 

 If you’re considering an abortion, an untreated STD present during an abortion can increase the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), leading to further health complications.

5: STD Treatment Does Not Offer Immunity

Even if you’ve been treated for an STD before, you could still become infected again. By staying informed about your status, you’re better equipped to make informed decisions about your sexual health and protect yourself and your partners. 

Prioritize Your Health

The importance of STD testing cannot be overstated. Regular testing gives you the knowledge you need to protect yourself and your partner. Take control of your sexual health, get tested, and ensure a healthier and safer future. Receive STD testing free of charge as part of our pre-abortion screenings. Contact Bella Women’s Center today to make an appointment.

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