What Are The Risks Of Ordering The Abortion Pill Online?

Staring down at a positive pregnancy test can be elating for some women, but devastating for others. If pregnancy was not something you planned for, it’s common to begin thinking about an abortion.  Have you considered ordering the abortion pill online? This seems convenient and safe, but ordering the abortion pill online can expose you…

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What Is the Abortion Pill?

Abortion Pill FAQs You have suddenly discovered you’re pregnant. It’s overwhelming and frightening because it definitely wasn’t planned. What is your next step? An abortion? Choosing to have an abortion is a serious medical decision. Although you’ve heard you can “just take” the Abortion Pill, is it really that easy? Let’s take a closer look…

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The Abortion Pill

Abortion by means of ‘the pill’ is referred to as a medical abortion. When seeking pregnancy termination, most women prefer a medical approach over a surgical procedure.

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