Woman Looking for Abortion in Ohio

Today the internet makes it incredibly easy to search for abortion clinics in Ohio and have a list at your fingertips in mere seconds. The hard part really comes next. Where in the world is a person supposed to start on that list? There are a number of things to consider here. How far away is each clinic? How quickly can you obtain an appointment? Do the costs associated with the appointment and the procedures differ between facilities? Are there hidden agendas or financially motivating factors harbored by any of the clinics? Are the people nice, or is it a scary, cold and sterile experience on the other end of that weblink? The search can quickly turn into a daunting task. We are here to shed light on some of those gray areas in order to make this process a little less stressful.

With lots of clinics available, how do you know which one to choose?


Are they medically qualified?

Researching your options is important. The more you know about each facility, the more confident you will be that you are electing a clinic with your best interests in mind. One of the first things to consider is the medical qualifications of the clinic in question. Are you looking at a licensed medical center with credentialed healthcare workers able to provide you with hospital-grade urine pregnancy, STI/STD, and ultrasound testing? These diagnostic tests, ultrasounds in particular, determine whether an abortion is actually necessary. Up to 30% of all pregnancies can end in a natural miscarriage; if a clinic is unwilling to perform an ultrasound, you may be proceeding with an abortion unnecessarily. Whether taking the abortion pill or having a surgical abortion, moving forward without confirming a viable pregnancy puts you at risk for complications. This is NOT in your best interest! Clinics that prioritize your medical care will be sure to confirm a viable pregnancy and will assist if any other medical complications should arise.

Are they focused on education?

Credible clinics will strive to educate the women entering their facility. A woman’s right to choose is underlined by her right to be educated and informed in order to make the best choice for herself. If the staff at a clinic seem more interested in rushing you through to the signature portion of the appointment instead of taking time to be sure you have a good understanding, and that all of your questions are answered, they may not have your best interests in mind.

What if I’m noting some red flags at the clinic I’m in?

When feeling apprehensive, or that you’re not being educated or cared for in the manner you had hoped, it is always okay to ask for another appointment. This will give you the opportunity to weigh the situation and decide if a different facility may be better suited to provide care for you. If staff discourage your desire to take this time, you may have found a facility with hidden financial or political agendas. Stand your ground! This is your right to choose what is best for you!!

How does Bella measure up?

Bella Women’s Center is a fully licensed medical center with credentialed medical staff including registered diagnostic medical sonographers and registered nurses. We provide our patients with all of the diagnostic studies needed to confirm a viable pregnancy and, therefore, need for abortion. Our hospital-grade pregnancy testing, STI/STD testing, and ultrasounds are offered to patients at no charge.

Education provided encompasses not only the medical information needed to make an informed decision but includes valuable insight into the resources available in our area.

Your experience with Bella is sure to be pleasant starting with your first call. Our trained scheduling personnel will gladly answer questions and set up an appointment that works for you. We strive to have you seen within three days or less. Upon arriving for your appointment, you will be greeted by a warm and comfortable reception area, and a staff ready to meet your needs. Call for an appointment today!

Read what recent patients had to say about their experience at Bella:

“My experience at the Bella Women’s Center was very good. They are very understanding and very welcoming. I am glad I chose to come here. I felt very comfortable.” -XX

“I came in not knowing what to expect. I felt so comfortable. I got great advice. I appreciate the ladies at Bella.” -AW

“Everyone was so nice and made me feel super comfortable. Definitely went way above and beyond what I expected. Thank you!!!” -MY

“They make you feel comfortable and give you lots of information. They were so nice and caring, starting when you first walk in the door. They provide you with so many resources and answer any questions you have.” -ED

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