Will My Insurance Pay for My Girlfriend's Abortion?

Maybe you and your partner are still figuring out if you want to move forward with abortionand what the costs will be. The stress of finances can feel like a lot during an unexpected pregnancy, but you are not alone. 

So what’s next? Here is more information about insurance coverage for your girlfriend’s abortion and what costs to expect.

Before you move forward with your pregnancy choice, your partner will first need to confirm her pregnancy to know what type of abortion she is eligible for. At Bella Women’s Center, we offer the pregnancy services and resources you need, completely free of charge.

Is My Girlfriend’s Abortion Covered? 

Does your girlfriend not have insurance to cover her abortion? Most of the time, health insurance plans do not cover your partner unless you are legally married. Contact your insurance provider to be sure and ask any questions concerning coverage.

If your insurance doesn’t cover your girlfriend, out-of-pocket costs for abortion could be very expensive. 

What Are The Out-of-Pocket Costs for Abortion?

The Guttmacher Institute shares that a first-trimester abortion normally costs around $500, a second-trimester abortion up to $1,000, and a late-term abortion around $3,000 or more.

Abortion costs without insurance coverage are not cheap, plus there are other costs not factored into the abortion costs, including pre- and post-abortion appointments and any money your partner would lose taking days off of work. 

Why Abortion Costs Vary

The cost of your girlfriend’s abortion could vary depending on different factors, including…

  • Your abortion provider
  • How far along the pregnancy is (which determines what abortion procedure you have)
  • What state you live in (costs vary from state to state)

Medical abortion is generally intended for women who are 10 weeks pregnant or earlier, making your partner ineligible for the abortion pill if she is further along. She can confirm this important detail of her pregnancy with lab-quality pregnancy testing and an ultrasound at our center, free of charge. 

Free Pregnancy Services in Warren, Ohio

While you and your partner are still deciding whether abortion is the option for you, confirm your partner’s pregnancy today to know for sure what your options are. 

Schedule a free and confidential appointment today to get started.

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