Abortion Screening

Oftentimes news of an unexpected pregnancy can turn our worlds upside down. When the timing is less than convenient, stress can begin to take over. Inevitably, stress and uncertainty cloud the picture rendering it difficult to make sound decisions. As these decisions will impact your future, we want to help reduce the stress so that you can see clearly. Here at Bella, we offer abortion screening for every pregnant woman who is interested.

Abortion screening consists of a series of diagnostic tests that determine if there is, in fact, a viable pregnancy that warrants an abortion, as well as if there are STI/STD’s (sexually transmitted infections/sexually transmitted diseases) present that should be addressed prior to the abortion procedure. The first of these diagnostic studies is a hospital-grade urine pregnancy test. If a positive result is obtained on the urine pregnancy test, STI/STD testing and ultrasound are then offered. All of the testing performed in the abortion screening here at Bella is reliable and free of charge to our patients.

Am I Really Pregnant?

With up to one-third of all pregnancies ending in a natural miscarriage, it may not be necessary to have an abortion performed. By confirming the viability of pregnancy first, you eliminate unnecessary risks. Once our clinical-grade pregnancy tests detect the presence of the hCG hormone in the urine, giving a positive result, we offer a no-cost ultrasound exam performed by a registered diagnostic medical sonographer.

Ultrasound not only confirms the presence of a viable pregnancy, but it helps to determine how far along the pregnancy is. Knowing gestational age will allow our patient advocates to create a tailored list of abortion options legally available to you in the state of Ohio.

Why Do I Need To Be Tested For STI’s/STD’s?

At Bella Women’s Center, we offer free STI/STD testing for our patients in order to prevent the potential development of PID. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease can develop if someone with an existing sexually transmitted infection or sexually transmitted disease has an abortion. The dilation of the uterus required to perform the abortion allows for the spread of bacteria from the vagina to the uterus. PID can lead to a lifetime of reproductive health problems as well as long-term pelvic and abdominal pain. Like all of the services we provide, our STI testing is completely confidential and performed by a licensed medical professional. Referrals for treatment are available if needed, and are also free of charge.

Why Bella Is The Best Stop For Abortion Screening

We are trained and equipped to provide our patients with outstanding, unbiased support. The women entering our facility will leave with the knowledge and confidence to make the best choice for themselves. Our caring medical staff will help to make sense of the otherwise confusing cloud of information. With an advocate assigned to you for each appointment, you can rest assured that you have someone in your corner. Our warm and welcoming center is conveniently located in Warren, Ohio. Call for an appointment today!

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